All custom exceptions thrown by Acid should be defined here.

class acid.errors.Error(msg, inner=None)

Base class for Acid exceptions.

inner = None

The inner exception, if any.

class acid.errors.AbortError(msg, inner=None)

Used by acid.abort() to trigger graceful abort of the active transaction.

class acid.errors.ConfigError(msg, inner=None)

Attempt to use a store in a misconfigured state (e.g. missing index functions, or incompatible constructor options).

class acid.errors.ConstraintError(msg, name)

An acid.meta model constraint failed.

class acid.errors.EngineError(msg, inner=None)

Unspecified error occurred with the database engine. The original exception may be available as the inner attribute.

class acid.errors.NameInUse(msg, inner=None)

Attempt to rename an object to a name already in use.

class acid.errors.NotFound(msg, inner=None)

Attempt to fetch an object that doesn’t exist.

class acid.errors.TxnError(msg, inner=None)

An attempt to start, cancel or commit a transaction failed.